OUR Vision

CAREER (noun) - 

: one's calling in life; a person's occupation; one's profession

KINDLER (noun) - 

: a person who kindles or ignites something


A Certified Career Coach and Professional Resume Writer with a focus on igniting your career dreams and inspiring you to pursue your calling. 

We all have the power to pursue a profession that is right for us. With the right "kindling" you can ignite your purpose and turn the sparks of your interests into flames. Blaze your own trail & set the world on fire!


I am a Human Resources Professional and have been in the industry of loving humans, career stories and writing for my entire life. 

Career Coaching and Resume Writing combines my passions and allows me to help clients achieve their professional goals.

Aside from guiding others to market their worth and land new jobs, I enjoy accompanying clients on their journey of being proud of who they are and recognizing what they are capable of achieving.  

"Professionally" my educational background is in Sociology, Creative Writing and Human Resources. I am a Certified Professional Resume Writer and member of the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches. I am also a Certified Professional Career Coach with the International Association of Professional Career Coaches, member of the Society of Human Resources as well as the Professional Speechwriters Association.


Rather than make alphabet soup and list a bunch of letters and certifications after my name, I believe my first-hand knowledge and experience across a broad spectrum of industries, combined with my understanding of the recruiting/hiring process as an HR professional is what provides me with the right background to help you achieve your career goals!  

*For more information about me, check out my BLOG.

This contains insight and information about career goals, influential stories and experiences... as well as additional information about my background and understanding of the working world. 


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