Recommendation Letters, Reference Letters, Character References, etc. are often used to paint a full picture of a job applicant. 

These letters can be provided by professional and personal references and help hiring managers understand the qualities, characteristics and capabilities of the person who is being considered for a specific position.

Are they necessary to the application process? No, unless otherwise stated in the job ad.

Are they helpful and/or can they portray more than what meets the eye on a resume? YES. 

One of the biggest challenges for some job seekers is finding the right professional and/or personal references to help sum up all of their goodness and go to bat for them as a reference.


There are times when you can't ask a co-worker or a boss at your current job, because you may not want them to know you are looking to move on. 

When you complete a Career Coaching Program with us, it means we have worked together and have a good understanding of who you are and where you are looking to go. 

We would be glad to write a Recommendation Letter for you and/or be listed as a Professional Reference. 

Our goal is to help you achieve yours!